There once was an apple. It was in its infancy, growing stronger each day. Every once in a while, a bird would come to peck at it as it grew, but the apple was tough and shook the birds off. The apple continued to grow, despite sometimes poor weather conditions, sometimes dull afternoons. The apple was determined and optimistic that one day all inconveniences would fall by the wayside and it would be fully and perfectly grown into its full potential. One day a small human came near the tree the apple grew upon. This human, out of its own frustration with its own inconveniences, took hold of the branches of the tree and began to shake them. The apple was put off by this, as this was likely the worst of all hindrances it had experienced, and yet it persisted in doing all it could to hold on; it was almost time for harvest. Day after day, this human returned to shake the tree. The apple held on as fervently as could be managed, but as it grew riper, it slowly lost its grip. One day, the human returned to give its usual shake. This day, the apple lost its hold and, among a couple of others, fell to the ground. The human, like always, walked away after the shake was over.  While the apple was somewhat disheartened by this eventual failure, it did not lose hope. It held a belief that by some miracle, some force would remove it from the ground. It watched the human return for its daily shakes; it sat and sat, through storms and sun and cold nights alike. One day, the human returned. Instead of shaking the tree as was its usual habit, it sat and wept. One by one, it picked up the apples it had shaken to the ground and tried to polish them off. Some could be saved, but when it got to our apple, once so strong and determined, it found that rot had set in. It was not the apple’s fault- the apple had sat in waiting for many days. Still, the apple felt sorrow, as though it had let the human down as it awaited the human’s selection. Upon seeing the rot, the human reacted with fury and cast the apple to the ground. After a bit of thought, the human picked the apple up once more, but still could not think up a way to improve the situation. The human stared, wallowing in self-pity. And then, gently this time, set the apple down, and walked away.

Just because you can’t think of a way to fix a situation does not mean that it cannot be fixed. Just because you don’t understand your own involvement in a problem doesn’t mean that you have not contributed. Just because you feel and/or act sorry now doesn’t mean you can alter the past.

You have to care. You have to actively seek what you desire. Good things come to those who act.