It’s easy to mentally imprison ourselves. I have heard so many people acknowledge a personality trait of theirs that they know isn’t desirable, that they are not proud to exhibit, and in the same breath they’ll say ‘but that’s the way I’ve always been’ or ‘I think I do this because of my parents’. Instead of viewing a discovered shortcoming as an opportunity for growth, it seems that it is almost human nature to brush aside and dismiss our flaws (even though we’re still not happy to have them).

Please don’t misinterpret my meaning: humans are flawed creatures. I have plenty of flaws and demons, some of which I’m sure I have not yet fully realized. What I am suggesting, though, is that we not become stagnant creatures. We have so much power to grow and strengthen, but if we want this betterment, we have to choose progress. Developing our best selves is not a simple road. In fact, it is a road without an end. Along the path, there are hills and valleys and smooth patches and forks where we get to select how we wish to continue. We can sit for a bit here and there to take a break when we are weary. If we stumble along the way, there’s truly no harm done. But it’s when we lie down and take a nap that we become ungrateful. We have this beautiful road before us; there are all sorts of discoveries to be made and lessons to be learned. Don’t we owe ourselves, don’t we owe the Universe, don’t we owe those less fortunate to explore?

Please don’t underestimate your potential. Please don’t become complacent. When we dismiss any part of our personality or behavior as something to which we are powerless, we do ourselves a disservice. It is a wonderful world we’re living in: there are places to discover, places to better understand, and there’s so much damage to undo. As with all things, start with yourself. Even small actions, especially once multiplied by millions and billions, can make a world of a difference. Be brave. Never stop moving forward.