I feel compelled to talk about comparisons. It seems to me that my many so-called revelations are not so very complex, but while simple, they have, for the most part, eluded me before I’ve come here to write about them (truth be told, even some of my past revelations require a re-read by yours truly, since it’s my timeless tendency to forget to sustain reason on emotional issues). So forgive me if my writings seem obvious and absurd, but after all, on this never-visited blog, I’m pretty clearly writing to conquer the task that is teaching myself.

There’s a bit of rhetoric out there in day-to-day life with instruction on how a person should compare: “don’t compare yourself to others” and “your only competition is yourself” most readily come to mind. To recognize yourself as distinct from your peers and thus incomparable is certainly a fair statement. Despite the fact that I think such a statement tends to inspire the exact type of comparison it’s speaking against- had said thought-process not already been present in the mind of the recipient- I’m going to go ahead and give this mantra a solid thumbs up. It is both cruel and short-changing to oneself should s/he be of the mindset that his or her experience on this planet is so closely aligned with another’s that a comparison be warranted. The second mantra, though, is something I really think warrants a discussion. Maybe not on the surface, but when given the slightest bit of critical thought, the casual observer will understand that this mantra is still preaching comparisons. A person owes it to him/herself to understand that s/he will not always be in the same proverbial ‘place’ s/he might once have been. Therefore, his or her best will not be what it might have been at another time. Whether or not the current “best” is societally accepted as improved, it is still the top output the momentary individual can offer, and there should be a lot to be said of that. This is good news, generally speaking. Multiple perspectives in each human are exactly what enable a not just tolerant, but celebratory society. That’s a win for humankind if I ever saw one. Embrace new perspectives, embrace the fact that your “best” will not always be the same, or even comparable to what it once was because it will be entirely different. Life is not a stagnant and straight developing line on a graph; thank God for small favors. There is so much beauty to being able to give your all to different situations, people, whatever, and to truly be able to give your all because you’ve never been this version of you before. Too, the versions you’ve given at other points in your life are forever gifts, unique to the scenario in which they were given and never to be taken back. Be grateful, be brave, look to the future with hope and peace for all it sends in your direction.